Unicorn Table would like to thank all of our fans in Japan, The US, and the World over!!

Along with you many people have helped us move forward and helped make our dreams come true. We'd like to thank just a few today that have provided images and work on this website and have helped us move INTO THE FUTURE:

Webdesign: Asu Rock

Images (Heading, uncountable): Roy Cox Photagrahpy

Images (Home, Into The Future, Acknowlegements) Tim Prendergast

Images (Music) Mainstream Studeos

Images (Live) Norma Burton

We'd also like to thank many events and conventions for giving us a chance to perform for your attendees, Black Magic Tim, Ken Olden, Seven, and all of The Villains 21 band for their support.

Remember Yawakawarana Mirai... You Make the Future!

Yours truly: UT