1.To be Free
2. Closer
3. Fly Away
4. Distant Love
5. Amai Yume
6. Infinity
7. TV Babies
8. Earth
9. Rain
10. Sora

unicorn table: uncountable
Released: Japan 2005 | US 2007

From the second the electronic intro leads into the aggressive drum roll of "To be Free" it is obvious that uncountable is not the usual effort from some average pop rock band. This album is put together with veteran skill, natural talent and a signature alternative pop rock style that only Unicorn Table can call second nature. "uncountable" offers an exciting musical ride through story motivated theme tracks and self inspired grooves. Included is the very popular theme track "Fly Away" from the Japanese animated series "Jinki;Extend," popular tracks from the series "School Rumble" and original tracks like "TV Babies." A solid hit in Japan and a crossover smash in the U.S. "uncountable" put Unicorn Table on a path to help bring J-pop worldwide.